At React2it we offer dual flooring services for new and existing customers. Whether you are looking for floor cleaning and maintenance, or need help with the installation of new flooring, you can trust us to get the job done perfectly.

This covers a range of difference materials, including carpet, tiles and vinyl flooring, and you can choose to have these installed by our expert team on a new or existing property.

Strip and seal service

As part of our service we can provide a complete site survey so we can assess the condition of the floor and put together a plan based on the needs of the flooring. This can also be applied across materials such as vinyl and tiling, always delivering a service of the highest standard.

Floor installation service

Whatever type of floor installation you need, React2it are able to help both commercial and domestic customers to fit new flooring anywhere in their property.

Whether it’s in the foyer or main office space of a building, or in the kitchen or bathroom at home, we understand that every job is unique and poses its own challenges. We have years of experience in installing flooring in properties of all sizes and have developed a reputation for our attention to detail.

This includes fitting a range of different carpet styles and hard floor materials such as tiling and vinyl. We always work to budget to ensure you remain in control of the project, producing a finish that fits in perfectly with the surrounding interior décor.

If you are unsure on the best materials, colours and style to use, we offer a free on-site consultation to assess the full scale of the job and can provide all the help you need from start to finish.